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The Hunk and the Fop

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  2005.09.11  13.00


Well....I put that *points down to the last post* ummm..July 28th...and its 3 months later and NOOO updates!! Does NOBODY like this community? Well...i think we would if we put in some FICS!! or some MANIPS! who knows! but wow....its slow!... You can delete this...or not I dont care...I just wanted to say that this community should be roaring with likfe!! I mean two hott guys?!?! Seriously...yumm...I wanna read some FICS!! lol ok...im done. BYE!!


  2005.07.28  23.38

Age: 16
Hometown: Ontario,Canada eh?
Slasher: Of COURSE!!! Love slash, gay boys are the perfect boys...except for the fact that they like boys and not girls so they wont go out with you....oh well...you can always hope for a bi boy though. Thats always fun. Anyways...im a big slash shipper. My first slash love was Remus/Sirius in Harry Potter. It then grew. And here I am now!!
A little about you: i live in a boring town wioth nothing to do. So I sit infront of my computer writing fanfics and reading slash fics. What more can I say??
Fan of Raoul/Erik or Gerry/Patrick: Gerry/Patrick all the way.... I first came to notice Gerry/Pat when I read "Avalon" on Operagasm. That was some hot shit there. I mean seriously. Gerry as a Vampire?? (even though he played one) A VREAL vampire, with all of the drinking blood? mmmm..sexy, but adding Pat to the mis made it even Sexier.

Mood: heeeee

  2005.07.25  21.35
Fic : Limo Service

Title: Limo Service
Pairing: Jeese L. Martin/ Patrick Wilson with some Gerry implications in there as well.
Rating: NC-17 man. It's smutty.
Summery: Jesse does a friend a favor dispelling rumors.

“Yeah.. See I missed the Full Monty and I hear it’s a sight to be seen.” He grinned. Collapse )

Mood: artistic

  2005.07.24  14.16

Name: Joy
Slasher: DUH! lol
A little about you:I've been kicking this idea around a little while. I just think it's a good ship that needs some love and attention. I can't be the only one out there who thought of it. Come on now!
Fan of Raoul/Erik or Gerry/Patrick: Mostly Gerry and Patrick, but the right Erik/Raoul could work!

Mood: artistic

  2005.07.24  12.36

Name: Manda
Age: 18; 19 in Sept
Hometown: Middleburg, FL
Slasher: apparently I'm a virgin to the whole slashy thing
A little about you: I work at a movie rental store, and one day I will appear in movies myself with Gerard or Patrick.. or will appear on stage on Broadway with Patrick. That's not a wish, it's a promise. :)
Fan of Raoul/Erik or Gerry/Patrick: both.

Mood: sick

  2005.07.24  10.59

Hello everyone.

Age: 14 (15 July 30)
Hometown:Florida (It is WAY too hot!)
Slasher: " we all need a little slash in our lives" (from glitterdragon's post for this)
A little about you: I'm in communities with the other pairings and I think it would only be right to be in this one as well. Besides slash is never a bad thing <3
Fan of Raoul/Erik or Gerry/Patrick: Both, oui!

Asta La Pasta

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  2005.07.24  22.18
newbie =]

Name: Athena
Age: 15
Hometown: Hong Kong =P So my english is bad cuz english is NOT my mother language.
Slasher: yep=]
A little about you: phantom of the opera rox my scoks XDDD and i LUV Gerard.
Fan of Raoul/Erik or Gerry/Patrick: Gerry/Patrick =W= and also Erik/Raoul ;)

Mood: lazy

  2005.07.24  02.27

Name: Reed
Age: 13
Hometown: Rogersville, Alabama.
Slasher: Indeed.
A little about you: I was born in North Carliona, I love Broadway. I love writing.. I like to roleplay. That's about it probably.
Fan of Raoul/Erik or Gerry/Patrick: Raoul/Erik. :3


  2005.07.23  23.46

Please fill this out and post it so we get to know you..

A little about you:
Fan of Raoul/Erik or Gerry/Patrick:

Mood: accomplished